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"Intellectual property are vital assets of every business.  An unwritten rule is that the enterprise without intellectual property is an enterprise without a future."

:: Valuation of intellectual rights

Valuation of intellectual rights

is a specialised expert activity oriented on valuation of price and state of certain subject.

We offer expertises in the field of intellectual property – mostly patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and brands, eventually know-how.

Based on request and by course of law No. 382/2004 of experts and translators we prepare judical survey mainly:
  • judical examination of proprietory relations to dertain types of industrial rghts (patents and utility models, designs and traemarks)
  • judical evaluation of scale and extent of abuse of inustrial property
  • judical advisement of relations of certain ondustrial rights
  • financial valuation of intangible property

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