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"Intellectual property are vital assets of every business.  An unwritten rule is that the enterprise without intellectual property is an enterprise without a future."


:: For filing of a patent application we need:

1. the Power of attorney signed by the applicant in two copies
2. image of the technical solution and individual variants
3. description od the technical solution – alternatively invertor’s notes
4. the usage of the invention
5. advances compared to the present state of technics

The neccessary works will be completed (research, preparation of the application) in about 15 days from the receipt of the Power of Attorney (if no later filing should made in regard to other industrial rights).

Our services in proceeding include:

  • Research of the technical solution in relevant databases
  • Appreciation of the research and advisory of the method of registration
  • Classification of the invention accoring the international patent classification
  • Processing of the description and patent claims
  • Processing and filing of the patent application
  • The payment of the government fees according the Administrative Fees Law
  • Preparation of the treaty between the inventor and the applicant – if neccessary

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International protection of a patent

There exist several methods in dependance of the number of countries where the protection is needed:

1. Through national patent offices in individual countries (in case small number of countries are involved), the price consists of translation + government fees + honorarius to the patent attorney in stated country

2. Trough the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system – with one patent application may be the patent filed to the World Intellectual Property Organization and in 30 months from the priority date must the application choose in which countries should the patent be entered – in theis case the price consists of translation + government fees + honorarius to the patent attorney in stated country (the costs are lower than through the national registration)

3. Through the European patent –if only European countried would be involved – (costs would be again lower than in previous methods)

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