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"Intellectual property are vital assets of every business.  An unwritten rule is that the enterprise without intellectual property is an enterprise without a future."

:: Protected marks and marks of the products' origin

security of the law protection of the firm name and logo, name of produced products, mark of the products' origin

security of the protection before the abuse of the firm name resp. firm logo or the name of produced products by the third party
:: Patents and use models, designs

security of the law protection of technical solutions by patent or registration in the form of use models indoors and abroad

security of the law protection of design of produced products by registration
:: Estimation of the industrial law

security of the market estimation, of patents, design, use models, protected marks, trade name etc.

the number of propertional and unpropertional damage at the symptoms of unfair competition, concerning to immaterial, author, industrial and mental property of firms
:: Other related services

security of the industrial law, so they don't interferes with industrial law of competition and it don't comes to unpleasant lawsuits

making of advantageous and judical mistakeless licences and economical contracts or know-how

gathering of informations about the possibility of protection of given patents, registered use models

transfer of law on technical solutions and technologies, design of product and protected mark, resp. applications of this law indoors and abroad, inclusive their estimation

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